DSLR Focus

DSLR Focus 3.3

Takes series of telescope camera pictures
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Capture images of the starry sky while focusing on a specific element in a constellation by selecting it in the image taken from a telescope camera and then launching a series of exposures as fast as the camera will allow, automatically or manually. Focus analysis is performed in the special window.

-Support for ASCOM compliant telescopes. Allows you to slew to objects from DSLR Focus, create customised imaging list within DSLR Focus and then Goto those images
-Ability to customise an imaging catalogue for easy goto of just the objects you plan imaging
-New Capture Window with Dedicated Capture Mode for USB cables only
-Ability to remember customised defaults camera settings for focus mode and capture modes
-Ability to save exposure sequence files under any name to reuse and share with other imagers
-Graph displaying these values vs time
-Night vision friendly background option.

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